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  • How Do Solar And Electrical Systems Work In A Van?
  • How Much Power Do I Need For My Van?
  • How Do I Wire My System? 
  • What Wire Sizes Should I Use?
  • Can I Do This As A Beginner?
  • How Can I Configure Everything Safely Without Causing Fires?
  • What Parts And Components Should I Use In My Electrical System?
  • What Solar Panels Should I Use? 

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Bob Murphy
patiently answered all my questions

The team was knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. They patiently answered all my questions and provided expert guidance in selecting and installing the right solar panels for my needs.

Brunswick B
They help match the system to my goals

I’d send Steve Cooper (on of their great tech support staff) questions or photos of my current stuff and he responded quickly and with great instructions. They help match the system to my goals, source quality components, and bundle them in logical kits. Once I unpacked everything there was another round of questions and I got all these questions answered by Steve.

Randall Gann
no way I could have accomplished it without their help

I had very little knowledge about building a van electrical system, and there is no way I could have accomplished it without their help. Garret helped me design the perfect system for my needs, and then he, Gen, and all of the other folks there helped me every step of the way.

Join them today and begin your journey

Meet the Experts.

and discover how to convert your van

Meet the Experts.

and learn how to configure your solar electrical system

Project Van Life has proudly teamed up with the seasoned team at AM Solar for your personalized consultation. AM Solar has been around since 1987. With a legacy rooted in innovation and adaptability, they pioneered the design of the world's first dual battery solar charger. Their expertise has grown with the industry, transitioning from original analog technology to highly efficient digital systems. Today, AM Solar operates from their custom-built headquarters in Springfield, Oregon. Having installed power systems and RV solar kits on thousands of vehicles, their reputation is respected across North America. 

When you sign up for a consultation, you'll be paired with an expert from this seasoned team. Their wealth of experience in solar power systems and vanlife needs is ready to be shared with you. Let's power your journey together.