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Dreaming of #vanlife but don't know where to start?

This van conversion eBook will show you how to convert a van from start to finish as a complete beginner!

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  • 100+ pages with detailed tutorials 
  • Consists of text, images and infographics
  • Eliminate van build overwhelm and confusion

Unlock the secrets to building your own personalized van with the knowledge gained from this van conversion eBook.

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martha Jones
Having this resource to learn from is such a gift.

Vanlife is definitely a world that can feel incredibly overwhelming and not everyone has the background or circumstances to do it on their own the right way so having this eBook to learn from is such a gift.

Alina Dryanski
Picked up so many ideas and tips

I love all the information shared - the breadth and depth. Picked up so many ideas and tips. Thanks for putting this together

Jessica Sanders
exceeded my expectations

It actually exceeded my expectations. We haven't gotten through everything yet, just reading over what we have, we have learned so much about what we want and what we don't want.

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Meet the Expert.

and discover how to convert your van

Meet the Expert.

and discover how to convert your van

Hey, I'm Peter Thuli, and I'm excited to be your teacher for this van conversion eBook. I took a year off from college to backpack Southeast Asia, and that experience shifted my perspective on life. I fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle and was inspired to live a life I'm passionate about, even if that meant walking down a path of uncertainty. When I discovered the van life community, I knew exactly what I wanted to do - travel and create a self-sustained life on the road. So I bought a Sprinter and started the conversion process, working tirelessly every evening after my day job until it was ready for full-time van life. Since then, I've built out numerous vans for clients, refining my skills and expertise in the process. Now, I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with you in this van conversion course. Join me and learn from a true van life expert as we explore the possibilities of a life on the road.