2022 Renault Trafic Crew Lifestyle 125kW LWB Auto MY22


Make Volkswagen
Model Bora
Price (New) $255 suffix
Price (Used) $0 suffix
Vehicle None
Type Van
Price $0 suffix
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Front
Average Kilometers 222 km
Seat Capacity 5
No. Doors 4
Badge 12121212
Number of Gears 13131313
Series 14141414
Release Year 15151515
Country of Origin 1616161616

All Specifications

Engine Location Front
Engine Size 12
Engine Code 11111111
Engine Type 12
Induction 123
Engine Configuration 1234
Cylinders 12345
Camshaft 123456
Ports per cylinder 1234567
Power 12345678
Torque 212
Power to weight ratio (W/kg) 1234567890
Valves/Ports per Cylinder 213
Engine Size (cc) (cc) 214
Engine Size (L) (L) 215
Power to Weight Ratio (kW/t) 215
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 123
Fuel Capacity (L) 124
Fuel Delivery 125
Method of Delivery 126
Fuel Consumption (city) (L/100k) 127
Fuel Consumption (motorways) (L/100k) 128
Fuel Consumption (combined) (L/100k) 12345678
Emission Standard 129
Length (mm) 4380
Height (mm) 1450
Width (mm) 1740
Average Square Feet 10 „é°
Wheelbase (mm) 2520
Load Length (mm) 111
Load Width (mm) 112
Load Height (mm) 1123
Gross vehicle mass (kg) 11234
Gross Combination Mass (kg) 211
Payload (kg) 212
Ground Clearance 2123
Towing Capacity (braked) (kg) 21234
Towing Capacity (unbraked) (kg) 311
Track Front (mm) 312
Track Rear (mm) 3123
Tare Mass (kg) 31234
Kerb Weight (kg) 312345
Front Overhang 3131313
Rear Overhang 3232323
Maximum Front Axle Load 34343434
Turning Circle Between Kerbs 35353535
Maximum Rear Axle Load 36363636
Width Between Wheel Arches (mm) 37373737
Rear Side Door Width (mm) 38383838
Boot / Load Space Max (L) (L) 39393939
Rear Side Door Height (mm) 311311311311
Warranty in Years from First Registration (yr) oipi
Regular Service Interval in Km (km) iu
Warranty in Km (km) tu
Regular Service Interval in Months (mth) t
Warranty Customer Assistance oi
Rim Material pouh
Front Tyre Description hoi
Front Rim Description hbo
Rear Tyre Description ihju
Rear Rim Description gtiu
Fuel Economy
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