1997 chevy astro van

 For Sale


A green converted chevy astro with 131,700 miles for sale.

drove us all over the country this summer, in four months. we absolutely adore this van we just don’t have a use for it anymore. We are planning on selling it with some amenities, seeing as we won’t be needing those either.

Comes with:

⁃ Max Air Fan already installed

⁃ Dual battery system that charges by the alternator and can also be charged by solar panels. We used our Jackery solar panels to charge the battery (not included) most of the time. This system is already set up in the van and ready to go. The 1000 Watt Inverter is also included.

⁃ A skylight on the roof of the van for stargazing, or watching the rain.

⁃ A Swing Away tow hitch that completely swings open and allows access to the back doors. The cargo box holds up to 250 pounds.

⁃ A SetPower fridge that sits in between the two seats. This fridge is electric and hooks up to the battery system in the van, or a Jackery if you have one. It uses 60 watts, and has a dual system that can split the cooler into both a fridge and a freezer at the same time. it has two different settings for each side of the fridge. probably our favorite amenity!

⁃ There’s many storage spaces. One above the drivers seat, and another above the bed. There’s a compartment built into the back door as well as a shelf in the back between the bed and the drivers seat. The cargo box attached the the back in very spacious. We also rebuilt the drawers so they are sturdy, and they provide a lot of extra storage under the bed.

⁃ We have all the paperwork of anything and everything done on the van in the last year. this includes anything as minimal as the work on the Max Air Fan.

⁃ The AC compressor, radiator, and brakes have all been worked on in the last couple months. The brakes work very well, and the AC runs cold/heat runs hot.

⁃ The alternator has been replaced in the last year or so. (there’s paperwork for that too).

⁃ The spare is still on the underbelly of the van. Brand new. We have the tool needed to get it down, as well as a hydraulic jack incase you need to pop on the spare. The van is not 4WD, but it does have all weather tires which have allowed us to drive her in some questionable places. The tires that are currently on the van are less than a year old, so there’s not many miles on them. 

⁃ Lastly, the radio has been updated for blue tooth and auxiliary so you are able to hook your phone up to it.

This van does need work. There are some things wrong that we were able to see past while we were traveling, but I could understand if they are considered big issues to other people. I want to be honest so people don’t come look at this van and expect her to be in perfect condition. She is not.


⁃ The back door doesn’t fully latch at the top, and it has a very small leak if it rains hard enough. we prevented leaking with a bungee cord to pull the door shut, just for an easy fix while traveling. A new weather strip would keep it from leaking entirely, but the door would still be slightly not latched. It’s hard to see in pictures, but it’s noticeable in person. To fix it, you would need to talk to someone about either going to a junk yard for an entirely new door, or maybe the current one can be fixed? We honestly haven’t looked into it. It locks and everything, it just isn’t exactly latch completely when shut.

⁃ The grill of the van says GMC, although she is infact a Chevy Astro. It’s a minor flaw, but it’s there. Could be easily fixed.

⁃ The inside deep cycle battery is dead. The old one is in there, just so you know what size and wattage to get for the new one.

⁃ There’s a dollar sized crack in the windshield, but once you get insurance it’s an easy fix.

⁃ If we were going to continue traveling I would maybe touch up the inside. We bought the van completely renovated, and we did very little improvements before hitting the road. We didn’t realize how nice she really could be on the inside until we had already set sail. You could absolutely leave it as is, but there is some ware and tear we just don’t have the time to fix. Just don’t expect her to look like a brand new, freshly renovated van.

If you wanted to use this van as a work van, or take the amenities off and buy it from us without, we could always negotiate a price based on that. 

  • Listing ID: 4743
  • Make:Model: Chevrolet Astro
  • Year: 1997
  • Color: Green
  • Mileage: 131000
  • Number of Doors: 5
  • Number of Seats: 2
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
  • For Sale by: Owner
  • Converted: Partially Converted

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