Find A Van Builder In Ashburn

Project Van Life will connect you with an expert van builder so you can get a quality van conversion that suits your budget and requirements.

How It Works

Step 1: Tell Us Your Requirements

Fill out this form and tell us about your requirements and budget. 

Step 2: We Find You A Builder

Based on the information you give us we'll connect you with up to 3 expert van builders that align with your conversion requirements. 

Step 3: Van Conversion Begins

After working out all the final details with the builder (design, requirements, budget, timeline, etc...) you can finally get the dream home on wheels you've been waiting for.

The best part is, we do all of this FREE of charge.

Why Go Through Us?


We've Partnered With 829+ Van Builders From All Around The World

Save Time

Our team will do all the heavy lifting. You won't have to waste time searching the web looking for van builders and hoping that they can meet your requirements. We already have builders for you.

Save Money

Many van builders have prices that may exceed your budget. We make sure to connect you with a builder that suits your budget. Many van builders even provide discounts to our community.

Get A Quality Build

We only partner with the best van builders in the industry. Our team goes deep to look at each builders past work and reviews. Therefore, you can have piece of mind knowing that your getting the best service.

Get Your Dream Van Professionally Built!


Here are some common questions we get

Is this a FREE service?

Yes! We will connect you with a builder for FREE. Project Van Life will earn a small commission if you end up buying van conversion services through our referral. This commission comes at no extra charge to you. The builder will pay us directly. In fact most of our builders will even give you a discount for going through us. 

What if I want to build my own van?

Then we recommend checking out our course Van Life Academy. It's taught by expert van builders and will teach you how to build your van step by step.

What should my van conversion budget be?

We recommend having a budget greater of at least $30,000. With a higher budget you'll get a better build with more features.

How long does this take?

We will connect you with a builder within 3-5 business days of you filling out the form. After that, it's just a matter of finalizing the details with the builder and getting started on the build.

The build process can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on your requirements. 

What if I don't have a van yet?

Some of our builders offer vans for sale, others don't. So, depending on which builder you are connected with, they may suggest that you buy a van first.