• Exclusive Masterclass from the 2023 Van Life Summit

9 Things to Know and Think About Before Building Your Own Campervan

So you can properly plan and prepare yourself to consider factors that NO one else is talking about and avoid costly mistakes!

  • Learn the importance of choosing the right van
  • How to properly plan your van life based on your needs
  • Buying and building a van within your budget
  • Where you should start (process and timeline)

3 BIGGEST mistakes people make when thinking about building a van

Finding accurate information that allows you to build a van which works for your lifestyle, and fits your budget without getting overwhelmed and confused is extremely difficult!

1) Not knowing where to start

When learning about vanlife, most people revert to different YouTube videos that share a variety of opinions, conflicting solutions and even inaccurate information. This leads them to more overwhelm and confusion and not knowing what to do next. In this Masterclass Patrick will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to properly plan your vanlife so your don't get lost.

2) Not choosing the right van

Many struggle with finding the right van for their specific needs at a reasonable price. In addition, you also need to know the difference between buying new vs used and your available financing options for both the van and the build itself. Patrick will explain all of this in the masterclass so you get a clear understanding on which approach is right for you. 

3) Underestimating your budget 

Instagram has immensely raised the van building 'standard' and as a result, many find themselves looking into overpriced vans, products, and components that they don't actually need. Instead of building a van for themselves and their goals they end up building it for Instagram and therefore, spend way more then what was originally budgeted. In this Masterclass you'll even learn about budgeting correctly.

Meet the Expert.

and discover how to avoid making beginner mistakes

Meet the Expert.

and discover how to avoid making beginner mistakes

Hi, I'm Patrick Botticelli an industry expert that's been in the Auto & RV/Vanlife business for over 30 years now. Throughout the years I have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge on camping vehicles and DIY van builds. I have seen every possible mistake someone could make when building a van. For a long time, I've been selling Airstream vehicles nationwide and discovered that a lot of people start van life with many misconceptions, which is why today I plan on helping you avoid feeling confused and making mistakes so you can enjoy van life faster without creating unnecessary frustrations for yourself now and later down the road.

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martha Jones
Having this resource to learn from is such a gift.

Vanlife is definitely a world that can feel incredibly overwhelming and not everyone has the background or circumstances to do it on their own the right way so having this resource to learn from is such a gift.

Alina Dryanski
Picked up so many ideas and tips

I love all the information shared - the breadth and depth. Picked up so many ideas and tips. Thanks for putting this on!

Jessica Sanders
exceeded my expectations

It actually exceeded my expectations. We haven't gotten through everything yet, just reading over what we have, we have learned so much about what we want and what we don't want.

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