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Will I get featured on PVL?

On @project.vanlife feed

It is not possible for us to post everyone on our feed. Therefore, we can not guarantee that you will get featured on our IG feed in exchange for this story submission. It’s completely random as to why, when, or who we decide to feature on our feed.

However, we can guarantee that you will get featured on: 

(assuming your story gets approved)

  1. Our Instagram Stories & Highlights (our stories typically get 40,000 views)
  2. and our Pinterest profile (which currently gets 1.4 million monthly viewers)
  3. Our website which gets over 50k monthly viewers

Approval Process

  1. Your submitted story goes through a review process to make sure it meets our standards
  2.  Submission gets approved or rejected
    • if rejected steps 3 & 4 are not executed and you will receive an email from admins
  3. If approved, your story will get edited and formatted by one of our team members
  4. Your story is scheduled for posting

Reasons why we may reject a submission:

  • Post schedule is full
  • Story doesn’t make sense
  • Too many grammar/spelling mistakes
  • User submitted more than one same or similar story
  • Submission appears to be only for the purpose of promotion or contains too much promotional content
  • Other reason – will be specified by admins

When we reject a story submission we notify the requester and give them the opportunity to correct their mistakes

By submitting your story you agree to the terms of service and allow us to: 

  • Make changes to your submitted story after submission including
  • Format submitted story
  • Edit the story
  • Use submitted pictures on our site
  • Remove or add content if necessary

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A good title is catchy, interesting and brief.
Make sure you properly format everything, make use of subheadings, and add images in a neat and organized way, so it's appealing for readers. You can access all the formatting options by clicking on 'Visual'.
(OPTIONAL) A very brief summary of your story. This will be shown under the thumbnail and should only be 1-3 sentences.
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