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With Van Life Academy you get a step by step course put together by several expert vanlifers to help you get over any obstacles that may be standing between you and your best life!
This course helps simplify the process of getting set-up and taking you from a wanderlust aspirant to a full-on road adventurer. So you can Go From Liking Instagram Pictures Of Van Life To Actually Living It!  

Our objective is to enable you to live van life in the fastest and most affordable way possible...

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Convert Your Van

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

Enrolling in Van Life Academy will give you instant lifetime access to ALL of the course content and bonuses. Inside, you'll learn how to live the Van Life in just 90 days or less...

Learn from Experts

You'll be taught by 11 different expert vanlifers and van builders. They will guide you step-by-step through 6 different van builds. You can even replicate their work - making the van conversion process easy & efficient.

Save Thousands On Your Build

Follow the proven processes and money saving tips demonstrated throughout the course to avoid making common mistakes that otherwise would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars & countless hours. In addition to this, if you were to buy everything inside Van Life Academy separately, it would cost you well over $1,000!!

Find All The Answers In One Place

Learn everything you need to know about living Van Life in one place. This will limit your overwhelm & save you TONS of time as you won't need to piece together hundreds of hours of scattered and sometimes inaccurate information!

Follow Easy Step-By-Step Guides

Van Life Academy includes PDF’s, checklists, electronic schematics, floorplans, tools, calculators, diagrams, videos, exact processes, and more to help organize your planning & accelerate your van build. You'll find EVERYTHING you need to build your van inside Van Life Academy.

Here’s what students are saying about the course

saved me a bunch of time and money...

You get to hear from real life van lifers and how they converted their campervan. This is my second van conversion and I wish I bought this course during my first conversion. It would've saved me a bunch of time and money.

very informative and thorough...

All the way through, from start to finish it's very informative and thorough. I love how it was layed out, it builds upon itself and gets more in-depth.

professional content, professional speakers...

I can highly recommend it, it's great. Professional content, professional speakers and especially, strong support from the overall van life community. So it's a no brainer. Go for it!

What's Inside Van Life Academy?

The course consists of 100+ lessons divided into 5 Modules with 100,000+ words, 100+ videos, and 6 different van builds (neatly organized) so you have more then enough information to execute on.

Module 1: Preparing for Van life

This module will allow you to properly prepare for van life. It consists of the following lessons: 

  1. Is van life right for me and the 4 questions you need to ask yourself before jumping in
  2. Budgeting for your van build to understand your costs using our Budget Tracker Template
  3. How to easily choose the right van based on your requirements and preferences using our Vanalyzer Tool
  4. How to properly inspect a used van before purchase using our Van Inspection Checklist

To make this process easy, organized, and efficient, we'll give you the following resources:

  • Vanalyzer Tool

  • Budget Tracker

  • Van Inspection Checklist

Vanalyzer Tool

You’ll get access to our automated search tool called Vanalyzer.

Simply input your requirements (make/model, height, square feet, budget, planned usage, etc..) and instantly discover all the different makes and models that suit your specific needs for a life on the road.

See a screenshot of the tool below:

The preparation you do now will become the foundation of your van life. Therefore, it's crucial to do it right!

Module 2: Planning your van build

This module will teach you how to plan your van build based on your preferences and priorities.

We'll show you the exact process for designing your van and provide you with inspiration, layouts, schedules, tools, and much more. 

This module consists of the following lessons: 

  • Understanding your priorities - to understand what features to add in your van build
  • Layout inspiration - see how others designed their campervans
  • Designing and layout planning with floorplans and software's so you know exactly where everything needs to go once you start building
  • Layout taping - so you can visually see how your van will turn out before building anything
  • Setting accurate timelines, schedules, and deadlines while also considering dependencies with our Visual Van Build Scheduler.
  • Tools List - organize yourself with a reliable, affordable and multi-functional toolkit. We'll not only provide you with a thorough checklist, but also include links to the exact tools you’ll need! 
  • Floorplans

  • Van Build Schedule

  • Tools list


before you start building your van you need to plan out exactly where everything will go. To do this you need to design your floorplan. Inside Van Life Academy we teach you exactly how to design your floorplan using pen/paper, tape, and even 3D design software's.

In addition, we even give you multiple floorplans that you can copy or use as a starting point. Examples below: 

Module 3: building your van into your dream home

- consists of 8 lessons

This module gives you a detailed breakdown on the process of converting a van into a home on wheels.
It covers every single aspect of the build including:

  • Gutting your van
  • Body work
  • Insulation
  • Flooring, Walls & Ceilings
  • Kitchen
  • Living area
  • Solar electrical system
  • Exterior components
  • Popular upgrades, and much more!

We’ll tell you the exact parts, components, and tools to use on each aspect of the conversion to ensure a quality build. This will save you days of time and research. 

If that's not enough, we'll even provide you with

  • electrical diagrams
  • plumbing diagrams
  • best practices
  • money saving tips
  • time saving tips
  • expert advice from other builders and the community
  • and much more! 


- consists of 6 different step-by-step van builds taught by expert van builders

This module gives you the opportunity to replicate a van conversion from one of our expert van builders.

Van Life Academy features 6 different Van Builds taught by 6 different teachers. For reference, all the other van build courses on the market only have 1 van build tutorial in them. 

You can choose to copy/paste their van conversion, or do a DIY van build from what you learn. Regardless of what you decide, Van Life Academy will enable you to build out any van, with a custom layout suitable for your lifestyle, no matter what your budget is.
Before selecting a step by step conversion guide you will be able to see:

  • Who the teacher is and a brief overview of their experience
  • Photos/Videos of exactly how the finished build will look
  • How much the build will cost
  • What features are within each van conversion
  • And much more… 

With this information you can decide which conversion aligns best with your preferences and requirements. 

Almost as if you had a expert van builder by your side guiding you each step of the way.

Module 5: Living a hassle free Life on The Road

- consists of 4 lessons

Now that you've got your home on wheels built we'll make sure your van life is as fulfilling and fun as it could possibly be.
This module is jam-packed with the best tips and tricks for living your best Van Life!
We cover topics such as:

  • Common issues on the road and how to avoid them. 
  • Legal guidance to avoid getting in trouble. 
  • How to generate an income on the road so you can work less and travel more!

Future Upgrades

If that's not enough, we're also working on consistently improving Van Life Academy to add more value and make the process of living van life easier and more affordable for you.
As a member you’ll get access to all future updates for FREE! (while others pay a premium)

The last update to Van Life Academy was made on: 13 Jul 2024

If you were to purchase all the resources and tutorials inside Van Life Academy separately, it would cost over $1,000.

Meet The teachers

the most experienced and well-known van life experts from all around the world will teach you how to build any van based on your specific budget and requirements.

Van Life Academy Will Effortlessly Transition You To A Vanlifer

You’ve already been inspired by #vanlife content on Instagram. It’s now time to live your own epic Van Life without breaking the bank or drowning in endless overwhelm that keeps you stuck in the world you’re trying to leave in the rearview.

Within the course there are countless tips from our teachers, that will help you save weeks worth of time and hundreds of dollars on your van build.

We also guarantee that through taking this course you will save more money on your build, then the amount you paid to enroll in it!

The price you're paying for Van Life Academy is nothing compared to how much money it would help you save. One of our students calculated this and found out he was able to save over $1,390 directly through our resources, money saving tips, and by making less mistakes because he followed our processes.

Other resources are very scattered and incomplete. The lack of information, expertise, and experience in those guides will end up costing you tons of time exploring the web for inconsistent information and result in you wasting tons of money on trial and error. 

With Van Life Academy you're presented with consistency and the exact proven process that over 3298+ people have used to convert their campervan while avoiding annoying problems and streamlining the process.

We teamed up with the best van life experts within the industry to cut down your learning curve and get you the shortcut to success. There's immense value and information being presented to you within this course which is why it's the best Van Life course available!


Van life Academy

Step-by-step process on living van life in the easiest and most affordable way possible.

  • 50% OFF
  • One time payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • FREE updates
  • Access to All 5 Modules
  • 100,000+ words of content providing you with detailed information on every step
  • 6 different step-by-step van builds
  • Access to all custom tools, diagrams, PDF's, electronic schematics and other diagrams to make planning easier and organized.
  • 100+ video tutorials and 300+ photos to provide you with visuals and make it easy to understand complicated information
  • Money back gurantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

if you don't feel fully empowered to get on the road or continue the course you can email us and we will give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Van Life Academy allow me to save time on my conversion?

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Van Builds From Our students

United States

We saved a lot of time and money. We think the platform is great for anyone looking to self-convert a van because it gives you a lot of helpful guidance and inspiration and even helps you overcome the big fears and doubts about van life and van conversion.

Eamon & Bec
United States

From the very beginning of our Sprinter Conversion, Scott’s build was a source of inspiration and guidance. He was (and continues to be) extremely responsive to any questions asked via social media and always goes above and beyond with a detailed reply. Having had the pleasure of meeting Scott in person, we confidently say that he is an expert in this field and to top it all off… he’s a GREAT guy!

- Scott and his sprinter van build tutorial are inside Van Life Academy

Trista Shawnee
Kryslyn A.
United States

Basically it's like a tutorial / crash course for anyone looking to get into van life. It talks about everything: if van life is for you, what van to choose, how to do the build out, layout, the really important stuff, the materials that you'll need. Also, you get to hear from real life vanlifers and how they do it. 

Débora Laetitia
Bas & Bianca

When we started to look into van life we had a million questions and didn't know where to start. We really think Van Life Academy covers everything you need to know. It's going to make your progress a lot easier and affordable.

Emre unal
United States
United Kingdom
Mara & Alex
Stjin V
Mick & Ken

Helped us realize how much we need which is going to save us time, money. That extra money we saved helped us with the trip.

Selina Flore
United States

Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all the inspo and information.

United Kingdom

I think it needs a bit of improving. But I can see that they are constantly working on making changes which is promising.

Niklaus Brunhilde

The course gave me confidence that I could not find before"

Robbie Gordon
United States

This is probably the most in depth guide I've seen so far

Kathleen R
United States
Sophie & Mark
United States

it's a great one stop shop to gather all the valuable information needed to convert a van. The information is in great depth and there's some amazing contributors sharing valuable information. The value is awesome! Our first thought was that the information is sourcable for free but when we went through the course we realised just how much time it would take to get this information and that fact that the contributors are so reputable you can be reassured the information is good.

Noemi Lucero

Understanding everything is so much easier with van life academy

Virginia M
United States

The course was great but I think it would be better to merge the step-by-step build guides with the rest of the course rather then having them separate

Nippon E.

To be honest we we're quite skeptical at first but we ended up with quite a few very interesting pieces of advice and ideas. I guess it can still be improved. I think it's  really useful for people who want to try van life and don't really know how to start. 

Andre C.
United States

The course was great all the way through, from start to finish, it's very informative and thorough. I love how it was laid out. The tutorials and build out videos are a great way to put a visual on everything your learning. 

Niklas Klaus
United States