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United States

We saved a lot of time and money. We think the platform is great for anyone looking to self-convert a van because it gives you a lot of helpful guidance and inspiration and even helps you overcome the big fears and doubts about van life and van conversion.

Kryslyn A.
United States

Basically it's like a tutorial / crash course for anyone looking to get into van life. It talks about everything: if van life is for you, what van to choose, how to do the build out, layout, the really important stuff, the materials that you'll need. Also, you get to hear from real life vanlifers and how they do it. 

Bas & Bianca

When we started to look into van life we had a million questions and didn't know where to start. We really think Van Life Academy covers everything you need to know. It's going to make your progress a lot easier and affordable.

Emre unal
United Kingdom
Mara & Alex
Stjin V
Mick & Ken

Helped us realize how much we need which is going to save us time, money. That extra money we saved helped us with the trip.

Bas & Bianca
United States

Van Life Academy provides a great foundation. It's a one stop shop in terms of deciding what van is best for you, how to do electrical, plumbing, solar. If we had this sooner, we would've taken the leap into van life quicker, our building process would've been more condensed, and we would've saved more money.

Andre C.
United States

The course was great all the way through, from start to finish, it's very informative and thorough. I love how it was laid out. The tutorials and build out videos are a great way to put a visual on everything your learning. 

Anisa M
United States

Vanlife Academy contained pretty much everything I needed to know about van life, it was like a one-stop shop. With this course, converting my campervan was much more efficient, and gave me more confidence in the process.

United States
Mia Hawk
United States

So well structured, you can find the different sections really easily and the information is really consistent. One of the things I really loved is that it has a shopping bit at the end so instead of having to search hours and hours on parts and components there was just a link to it. If it wasn't for the guide I would honestly still be doing it. 

United States
United States
Ifrah Neal
United Kingdom

I do feel that some sections have too much text. I would find a way to make the text breathe a bit more by adding some more visuals, but the information is still very relevant and helpful

Niklaus Brunhilde

I really couldn't have done it without Vanlife Academy! My van is fully built and I managed to take it across Europe. It would be helpful if there was more information regarding the laws of van life here in Europe. But aside from that, great course!

Kirchoff A.

I'm quite happy and fortunate that I stumbled across the van life academy from project van life which taught me everything I need to know to become a full time vanlifer. I can highly recommend it, im already 80% through the course. It's great, professional content, professional speakers, and strong support from the community. 

Kesha Kozakov

My dream has been to buy my own van and make it a home on wheels. I want to say thank you to van life academy for a course that teaches this. It's really necessary information for a guy like I am who needs to learn. 

United States

I had no idea what I was doing because I never had anything to do with electrical before in my life. But this made it so much easier with nice little diagrams to follow, just made everything a lot clearer than if I had to figure it out for myself.  

Nona Michelyne
United States
Odell Miller
United States

I was searching on the internet for so long to help me with my build because I had no idea what I was doing. I came across Van Life Academy and I loved it. It has everything in it. Definitely worth the investment it will teach you and save you a ton of time. I've been through it 3 times it's such a great course. 

United States

The visuals are great. One improvement I would suggest is I wish more graphs were used within the course to showcase comparisons between different products.

Amber & Keenan
Daniel Zigler
United States
United States

Wanted to thank you for inspiring us and helping us. Very educational and if i do decide to go for the project it will be a huge help! Thank you Projectvanlife team for all the work!