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  • Online Event Sep 17-19 @ 10am PST

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  • 90% of people feel more confident in living vanlife after attending this event.
Better than YouTube

It was a great opportunity to get more information from people already living van life. YouTube has been great for videos, but getting that live information from everyone was really great. I wanted more structure to my research than what I was getting by just watching YouTube videos.

Learned about so many things

I expected a lot of personal self/business selling and it wasn't like that at all. Instead, the information presented was valuable, generous and respectful. I was hoping to learn more about upcoming decisions and truthfully I received way more very useful info than I ever expected. Thank you SO MUCH. Everything I listened to is really helping me think through my future plans.

The summit exceeded my expectations in many ways.

Firstly, the speakers and panel discussions were incredibly informative and inspiring. I gained a lot of valuable insights on everything from choosing the right vehicle and equipment to managing finances on the road. The sessions were also very engaging and provided practical tips and solutions for everyday challenges

Say Goodbye to Endless YouTube Searches and Social Media Spirals! 😵

Are you sick of spending countless hours watching YouTube videos and researching through social media to try to piece together a bunch of scattered information only to further drown in more overwhelm and confusion?

Are you curious about what van life is really like, without the sugar-coating and picture-perfect Instagram posts? Are you a beginner looking to learn how to make vanlife a reality for yourself?

If so - you’re in luck!

The Van Life Summit will teach you everything you need to know about living vanlife in ONE place - you’ll learn from over 50+ van life experts, and get answers to ALL your questions. All from the comfort of your own home and computer.

FREE registration ends soon


You missed out!

Customers served! 5340 + Attendees
Customers served! 5340 + Speakers
Customers served! 5340 + Topics

20,000+ Attendees LOVE the Van Life Summit!


560 reviews

What is the Van Life Summit?

Accelerate your vanlife journey by months and save thousands with the Van Life Summit. Where world-class experts, interactive workshops, and an enthusiastic community come together to inspire, educate, and empower your life on the road.

Learn Everything About Van Life In ONE Place.

40+ vanlife topics reveal exclusive insights, practical advice, van build hacks, income methods, tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials that you can implement right away so you can actually achieve your dream vanlife without being overwhelmed and confused. At the Van Life Summit, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge in one place.

40+ Expert vanlifers will reveal Invaluable Strategies

Join a vibrant community of 20,000+ vanlife enthusiasts at the Van Life Summit. Learn from the world's most seasoned and knowledgeable nomads, share experiences, hear inspiring stories, overcome challenges, and connect with like-minded individuals. Dive into engaging Q&A sessions and lessons that make your transition to vanlife not just easier, but also more connected and fulfilling.

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Van Life Summit Topics

In just 3 days you’ll learn everything you need to know about vanlife and living the most fulfilling life on the road so you can achieve true freedom through adventures.

  • Day 1 (February 20): Planning For Van Life
  • Day 2 (February 21): Building Your Van
  • Day 3 (February 22): Life On The Road 

40+ Topics Across 8 Categories

Preparing for van life

Gain clarity on everything you need to get started on your dream vanlife without being confused or overwhelmed and without breaking the bank. Topics within this category include: 

  • How To Overcome Budget Constraints And Easily Save Up To Start Your Vanlife No Matter Your Financial Situation.
  • Zero Cost Vanlife: How To Think About Van Builds In A Way That Makes You Money And Offset Ownership Costs 
  • How To Choose The Perfect Van For Your Vanlife Based On Your Requirements, Budget And Needs Without Getting Ripped Off. 
  • How To Easily Build Your Van As A Beginner While Saving Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours Without Feeling Overwhelm And Confused.
  • Avoid These Van Conversion Mistakes That Can Turn Dreams Into Nightmares
  • Buying Vs. Building Your Van - What Should You Do And Which Is Better?
  • Budgeting for your van build / How to build a van on a reasonable budget
  • How To Live Full Time Vanlife
  • Budget Mastery: Your Guide To Travel More and Spend Less
  • How to escape your 9-5 lifestyle
  • Is Vanlife right for you?

How to build a van like a pro

Learn the best way to build out and improve your dream home on wheels from professional van builders even if you’re just a beginner with no experience.

  • How to build a van in 12hrs (seriously - even as a beginner)
  • The easiest way to design your van layout (drag and drop)
  • Going with an upfitter? Here’s what you should look for before choosing a van build company
  • Building a van with 80/20 to achieve a strong, modular, and light-weight van build
  • How to put together your solar/electrical system 
  • Professional woodworking and finishing in your campervan
  • What not to do when building you van (beginner mistakes)
  • How to convert a school bus and how it’s different from building a van
  • How to apply your creative vision to your van build
  • How to easily make affordable and beautiful epoxy countertops in your van

Living your best life on the road with Financial Freedom

Discover how to live the most fulfilling, stress-free, adventurous, and fun vanlife so you can enjoy your time outdoors and in nature while creating epic new memories.

  • Solo female vanlife 101
  • Doing full-time van life with a family and how you can too
  • Traveling with pets
  • A guide to vanlife gaming to keep yourself entertained
  • Living van life sustainably
  • The best way to receive mail on the road
  • Stealth camping guide 101
  • How to cook delicious meals in a van
  • Van Life Insurance
  • Safety while living vanlife and travelling

Maintain health and wellness with Van Life

Learn how to stay healthy on the road so you can avoid common health problems and achieve mental clarity so vanlife can become your best life

  • Eating healthy on the road
  • Maintaining the best mental health on the road
  • Staying fit on the road
  • Meditation, yoga, mindfulness

Traveling the World

Discover new ways and tips for traveling the world so you can explore new outdoor destinations, experiences, cultures, foods, and people.

  • I lived in a Honda Civic for 1,000 days, here’s how it went…
  • How to embark on a bike-packing adventure
  • Travel hacking to spend the least amount of money on traveling
  • Family traveling Australia in an old VW Kombi
  • Backcountry vanlife guide

Financial Freedom

Learn how you can maximize your savings while traveling and living vanlife so you can avoid financial stress and actually enjoy your time on the road.

  • How to make money on the road without being an influencer
  • How to properly save money while living vanlife
  • Filing taxes as a vanlifer to legally minimize your bill
  • How to flip your van for a profit

Inspiring Stories from real vanlifers

Just like you, our speakers were once beginners, confused, overwhelmed, unsure how to get started, and wondering if it is even possible for them. They’ll share their story and reveal how they overcame those challenges and how you can too. This will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to get started!

  • I live in a cabin in the woods in my self-converted bus
  • Living full-time in a Prius (car camping story)
  • A guide to full-time vanlife from a couple that’s been doing it for 10+ years
  • Touring Alaska in a campervan
  • How my van home was destroyed by a tornado…
  • 5+ years of buslife, here’s my story
  • How I started #vanlife 
  • How I built a $1.2M home on wheels
  • Memes of vanlife

How to become a digital nomad

Learn how you can work remotely so you can explore comfortably at your own pace and have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere you desire

  • How to become a vanlife digital nomad
  • How to effectively grow your vanlife personal brand 
  • How I make $300k+/year living out of my van
  • Van life content creation like the pros
  • How to make money blogging 

Meet The Speakers

50+ well-known, educated, and inspiring vanlifers from all over the world are here to share their years of knowledge, secrets, and tactics to make #vanlife your best life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Van Life Summit

It's a fun one of a kind virtual event experience designed for those who are looking to get into van life and for those already living in their van. 25+ vanlife experts will educate you on how to live van life and travel full-time. You'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know in just 3 days from the comfort of your own home and computer.

The Van Life Virtual Summit is the largest online van life event in the world!

Join over 10,000+ of the world’s most passionate aspiring nomads and current vanlifers.

When will I be able to log in to the Van Life Summit?

You'll be able to log in to the Van Life Summit after signing up so you can familiarize yourself, build out your profile and create your own customizable schedule based on the presentations throughout each day.

After signing up, keep an eye on your email so you can log in and build your profile. 

What Date/time will the event start?

The Van Life Summit will take place for 3 days from February 20-22. The event will begin at 10am PST each day but replays will be available on-demand immediately for all attendees to watch at their convenience.

After signing up you will be able to build your own custom schedule and add all the talks that you want to attend. 

I am located in a different timezone, how can I still attend?

Regardless of your timezone, all attendees will have the ability to watch any presentation during the event dates: February 20-22. If a presentation ends you can still go back and watch it's recordings for FREE during this timeframe. This way you can watch it at your convenience even if you're in a different time zone.

Is the Van Life Summit accessible for attendees with hearing or vision impairments?

Absolutely! We are fully committed to making the Van Life Summit an inclusive and accessible experience for all attendees. For individuals with hearing impairments, we provide closed captioning on all our video content. We also ensure that our videos are visually descriptive enough for those with vision impairments. Moreover, our online format enables you to adjust settings on your device to further enhance your viewing or listening experience, if necessary. Furthermore, all the sessions are recorded and made available for replay. This allows you to review any material at your own pace, making it a flexible option for everyone, no matter their needs. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired by the van life community.

When will more details around the schedule, and presentation topics be listed?

We’re constantly updating the website to showcase more details to attendees, this is the best place to keep up to date on information ready to be made public. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, sign up for the event and we'll send you email updates. 

How can I become a speaker at the van life summit

To be a speaker at the vanlife summit, simply fill out the form HERE. We'll get back to you if you are selected. 

Where is this event going to happen?

This event is going to be held ONLINE. After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access this event.

Why is this event online?

The Van Life Summit is held online for the sake of broad accessibility, convenience, and to cater to our global community. Key benefits include:

  1. Location Independence: As a community of nomads and travelers, we are often spread across various time zones and locations. An online event ensures everyone, no matter where they are, can participate without the need to travel or arrange accommodation.
  2. Ease of Scheduling: With our participants juggling busy schedules, an online summit allows flexibility to tune in during live sessions or catch up later with our replay links.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Avoid the additional costs of travel, accommodations, and time off work. You can enjoy the full experience of the summit from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to be!
  4. Access to Recordings: Every session is recorded. So even if you miss a session, you can always watch it later at your own pace.
  5. Interactive Experience: Despite being online, our platform fosters a sense of community. The chat and Q&A features allow you to engage with speakers and other attendees in real-time.
  6. Broad Participation: Our online format enables us to invite a wide array of speakers and experts who may otherwise be unable to attend an in-person event due to geographical constraints.

Our Community

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United States

The vast amount of information. From the basics to more complex aspects this van life summit truly had a little bit of everything for everyone no matter the rig, the reason they chose or want to do van life, etc. It's an amazing example of how great our community is! :)

United States

Our hope is to live in a truck camper, and many sessions were specifically about vanlife (which I expected), I was pleasantly surprised that many of the topics were also relevant enough for me and where I am at.

Alexandra Steeley
United States

We loved all the content even the content we have yet to watch.

Mick & Ken

Helped us realize how much we need which is going to save us time, money. That extra money we saved helped us with the trip.

Megan Culey
United States

It was definitely a great first experience. It was very organized and easy to navigate.

Amber Height
United States

It was such a positive experience for me, thank you!

United States

Enjoyed being able to pick the topics I wanted to view for us. Also liked the No Sales Pitch and just offering ideas for builds.

United States
Hannah Rose Burke

I really enjoyed the variety of speakers and how there was talks both on converting a van and what it’s like to live van life.

United States

Lots of good USEFUL information!

John Cardenas
United States

it did open my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

Brenda Mendez
United States

The speakers were all wonderful and easy to understand.

Loraine Adams
United States

Good energy, good information, loved the opportunity to have the information stored to access later.

Lucy Parks
United States

The sessions were helpful.

United States

Everything was great !

Regina Schulz
United States

Loved all the information shared by the presenters.

Robin Jenkins
United States

It was online and easy to pick which video sessions to watch.

Shirley Bucko
United States

loved the diverse group of speakers covering many topics.

United States

It was just a great way to spend my weekend, getting ready for the summer. I think the timing was good. Good variety of content. It answered a lot of the getting started questions.

Bryson T.
United States

Wide variety of topics, not just about converting a van, but also included aspects of vanlife living itself.

Bryson T.
United States

Wide variety of topics, not just about converting a van, but also included aspects of vanlife living itself.

Charlotte Lee
United States

We’ve learned a lot from them the last two summits and decided to join their service. We had several takeaways from the safety session, much more than I expected at 60 years of age, I figured we were well versed in safety and that it’d be targeted at young solo women like the speaker but she had good information.

John Woolham
United States

How relaxed everyone was, no question too silly, everyone very welcoming and giving.

Paula Michele Pfiester
United States

The broad range of subject matter and the extra material that was made available.

Chuck Clark
United States

The summit was awesome , I’ve been to conventions in person but never online ! Totally enjoyed everything! Thank you for all the time and effort and hard work ! Much appreciated".

United States

There was so much more information than I thought. I really enjoyed all the speakers. I actually watched all of the videos. I realized that I can probably figure out a way to live in my car until I can afford a van. The Prius couple was super cute and very informative. All the specific topics on Solar and electrical was very helpful. Giving everyone the options and information to suit there needs was priceless.

Shawn Goddard
United States

Very well organized and very informative speakers that covered the whole spectrum of van life.

Daniel Zigler
United States
Monika Schoop
United States

I learned sooooo much. It was diverse, interesting, insightful and very helpful.

Kathleen Klein
United States

Great assortment of topics to answer many questions.

Lloyd fickert

 I learned a lot about van life.

Stjin V
Gina Grubb
United States

The sessions were all very informative! The format was perfect!

United States

 I was impressed by the variety of topics and the extent of the Summit for free. Very generous, thank you so much!

Mara & Alex
Rachel C
United States

Since it’s online it was just so easy to fit in to my schedule.

Faith Banford
United States