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Peg Havlovick

Not miss anything

The all access pass creates the opportunity to have gone about some of my weekend activities and still not miss anything. It would've been too much info to sit through continuously over 3 days without the replay option!


Awesome price, Incredibly convenient

I was very impressed with the Summit and took advantage of the lifetime access to the replays. Awesome price! Incredibly convenient having access to ALL the recordings, ensuring I don't miss a single one!


Lots of great info and resources

It gave us a good overview of the considerations of van life. Lots of great info and resources. Well worth the cost to maintain access to the videos.

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What's Included in the

Lifetime Access to all 40+ Sessions from this event (Worth $250+)

Gain lifetime access to recordings of all 40+ sessions from the talented and influential speakers who will share their own vanlife experiences and insights. This way, you can watch, rewatch, take notes, and properly implement all the valuable information at your pace. Sessions include: 

  • How to overcome budget constraints and easily save up to start your vanlife no matter your financial situation.
  • Zero Cost Vanlife: how to think about van builds in a way that makes you money and offset ownership costs 
  • How to choose the perfect van for your vanlife based on your requirements, budget and needs without getting ripped off. 
  • How to easily build your van as a beginner while saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours without feeling overwhelm and confused.
  • Avoid These Van Conversion Mistakes That Can Turn Dreams Into Nightmares
  • Buying Vs. Building your Van - what should you do and which is better?
  • Vanlife Solar Basics That Anyone Can Easily Understand
  • How to Maintain your van on the road to avoid costly breakdowns
  • Earning an income on the road!
  • How to save money while living vanlife
  • How to live full time vanlife
  • (Solo) Full-time Vanlife: Tips and tricks for an epic adventure
  • Living vanlife with a family
  • and much more...

Double your giveaway Entries for $15,000+ Worth of Prizes

Double your entries to win ALL of the valuable giveaways of expensive and extremely useful prizes that will make your van life so much better. We are giving away a total of $15,000+ worth of prizes to 18 different winners.

  • GRAND PRIZE: Fully converted $100,000+ Sprinter Van +$20,000 cash from Forged 4x4
  • Pathway Mattress from Roam Rest worth $585 value
  • Custom Bench Set from Roam Rest worth $1200 value
  • FREE 3-Night Campervan Rental Trip by Bohovans worth $1,000+
  • Smart Solar System from Go Power worth $3,500+
  • Cubic Mini Black Grizzly Stove worth $799
  • Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 2x120V (UL) worth $750
  • Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV IP65 worth $70
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Retail worth $40
  • Victron GlobalLink 520 worth $127
  • Victron Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/25(1) 120V NEMA 5-15 worth $100
  • Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/25(1) 120V NEMA 1-15 worth $120
  • Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A (360W) Non-isolated DC-DC charger worth $130
  • Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/375 120V VE.Direct NEMA GFCI worth $70 
  • Ford Transit 148 Flares by Flarespace worth $1,799+
  • Pivot V2 Hitch Rack by Kuat worth $398
  • $250 gift card for Timber Van Kits
  • CUDDY™ Composting Toilet by Como Closet worth $780
  • 400-Watt PowerTrak Kit and 2x 100Ah Advanced Lithium Batteries worth $7,500+

Swag bag with tons of vanlife resources (worth $500+)

The Swag Bag consists of tons of valuable guides, ebooks, courses, and masterclasses worth over $300 that will teach you more about living van life and traveling the world in the easiest way possible without getting overwhelmed or confused.

  • Van Life Vehicle handbook: How To Maintain Your Van On The Road To Avoid Costly Breakdowns
  • Vanlife budget Tracker: Avoid making costly mistakes and going Over budget
  • Masterclass: 9 Things to Know and Think About Before Building Your Own Campervan
  • 1-on-1 vanlife solar electrical system consultation
  • Van Life networking Forum (lifetime access): To connect with likeminded individuals and experts
  • 10 Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas to quit your 9-5
  • Beginners Guide to getting started with vanlife
  • Sleep Easy Anywhere: The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife Overnight Camping
  • Vanlife Preparation binder to keep all your planning neat and organized
  • Van build resources that will save you months of van building time!
  • How to convert a van from start to finish on a budget (step-by-step) book

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You missed out!

2,000+ people LOVE the All Access Pass

Kathleen Bass

I loved the perks and the ability to go back to summit sessions and listen again.


I really enjoyed the sessions I saw and I plan to watch some more with the all access pass!

Kobe Lorendo

there was just too many knowledgeable sessions I want to watch and learn from that I decided to purchase after the wrap up of day 3

Regina Schulz

The give away bonus and the perks, but mostly the ability to access the replays post summit is why I got the pass.

Marty Wood

I wanted to get long term access to presentations and other information available

Marty Wood

Long term access to presentations and other information available was priceless!

Lisa Forbes

I was very impressed with the Summit and took advantage of the lifetime access to the replays. Awesome price! Incredibly convenient having access to ALL the recordings, ensuring I don't miss a single one!


An excellent feature is the option to save for later viewing, along with the added bonus of receiving complementary ebooks

Sandra Resch

The level and quality of presentations. Nice bonus items. Great value of the lifetime all access pass.

Kevin Yeats

I got the All Access Pass because I was able to go back and watch content in the order I needed and getting the perks and benefits offered like deals coupons and savings from being apart of it

jessica Sanders

It actually exceeded my expectations. We haven't gotten through everything yet, just reading over what we have, we have learned so much about what we want and what we don't want because of the Vanlife Summit

Shawn Goddard

It was reasonably priced. It came with some swag and additional opportunity to win prizes, which also makes the cost more justifiable.


It gave us a good overview of the considerations of van life. Lots of great info and resources. Well worth the cost to maintain access to the videos.

Michael Sullivan

I got access to all the content for life! … and maybe a few extra entries into the prize drawings!

Susan Trujillo

The freedom to finish watching the replays over time and the swag bag were great!


The bonuses from the pass were awesome! I also just wanted access to information if I make modifications to my build or if I ever build out another van.


The opportunity to have the sessions available to me forever was so valuable.


Value for money. Thank you! Permanence of keeping the useful info

Abby Hardin

I wanted to have it to watch multiple times. You learn so much in a short amount of time that I wanted to have the talks on hand for when the planning stage is finished and I move forward with action.

Guy Lepore

After watching the videos, it became evident that my wife and I would want to rewatch some of them multiple times

Bret Marquis

Just wanted lifetime access

Shirley Bucko

There were so many interesting speakers, I did not want to miss out on anything so I got the pass and have no regrets.

Chris Murders

Price was well worth it for future access to sessions. I can't wait for the next event.


Can revisit the content time and time again - much more useful than forgetting it over time :D

Gary Fuller

For access to recorded presentations and swag bag - well worth the price, couldn't be happier. 

Lindsay Caron

I appreciated that you offered the All Access Pass for those of us who couldn't attend, or who wanted the option to review the info later.


I really love that I was able to purchase a package that included all of the replays.

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