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Lifetime Access to all 66 Sessions from this event (Worth $250+)

Gain lifetime access to recordings of all 30+ sessions from the talented and influential speakers who will share their own vanlife experiences and insights. This way, you can watch, rewatch, take notes, and properly execute on all the valuable information at your leisure. talks include: 

  • How to build a van in 12hrs (seriously - even as a complete beginner)
  • How to install your campervan Solar Electrical system
  • What not to do when building your van (beginner mistakes
  • the complete process to building your van like a pro
  • How to escape your 9-5 and live vanlife
  • Budgeting for your van build and how to build a van on a reasonable budget
  • Solo Female Vanlife 101
  • Guide to Travelling with family and kids
  • Guide to travelling with Pets
  • How to delicious meals in a van
  • How to properly save money while living in a van
  • How to make money on the road without being an influencer
  • Filing taxes as a vanlifer to legally minimize your bill
  • How to become a digital nomad
  • and much more...

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Double your entries to win ALL of of the valuable Giveaways of expensive, yet extremely useful prizes that will make your van life so much better. We are giving away $15,000+ worth of prizes to 38 different winners.

  •  Victron Mulitplus II 12/3000 2x120V worth $1,945+
  • Ecoflow Delta Max worth $2,499+
  • Camper Van rental for the week worth $1,500+ to test van life x2
  • 1yr FREE Camping and Campground Membership worth $150+
  • Dometic Fridge to keep your food cold worth $800+
  • Smart pet health and GPS tracker worth $150+
  • Webasto 2000 STC Petrol Diesel Heater Kit worth $1,356+ 
  • RV Club membership with road side assistance, mail receiving, and much more 
  • $500 gift card to Titan DIY Kits
  • TinyFest Event pass worth $20+
  • Cubic Mini Stove worth $1,225+
  • Evapolar Travel Kit (includes air cooler, power bank, and aroma capsule) worth $150+
  • Nomad Labs Mobile Workspace worth $299.99
  • $500 gift card to Vander Outdoors
  • Shower To Go Bundle Pack worth $262
  • Mule Storage Bag worth $400
  • Weekend getaway in a GoCamp campervan worth $500+
  • Vandoit Van Life Merch
  • Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV (x10 different winners) worth $1,440+
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 (x10 different winners) worth $1,400+
  • Complete solar charger kit with diagrams and tech support worth $1,100+

Swag bag with tons of vanlife resources (worth $300+)

The Swag Bag consists of tons of valuable guides, ebooks, courses, and masterclasses worth over $300 that will teach you more about living van life and traveling the world in the easiest way possible without getting overwhelmed or confused.

  • Van Life Basics, everything you need to know before getting started with Van Life
  • Van Life Overnight Camping Guide
  • Van life binder to get you started with vanlife easily
  • Showering on the Road Handbook
  • How 25 Nomads make money while living on the road
  • Van Life Vehicle Maintenance handbook
  • A guide to surviving Winter vanlife
  • A Masterclass on How to make money blogging for vanlifers
  • The 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes Digital Nomads Make and how to fix them
  • Baby Vanlife Gear Checklist
  • Van Life Meal Ideas
  • Van Life Expense and Income Tracker

14-day money back guarantee. Discount expires soon


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Learned about so many things

"Learned about so many things I didn't even think of at the time - solar setups, refrigeration pros and cons, air conditioning options, storage options, and much more"


real tips on how to live this way

"It’s great to see how others live this life and provide real tips on how to live this way. There were some really distinct and interesting lives, and the whole thing helped open my mind to more possibilities to sift through while I save to afford a van."


exceeded my expectations

"It actually exceeded my expectations. We haven't gotten through everything yet, just reading over what we have, we have learned so much about what we want and what we don't want because of the Vanlife Summit"


Get $550+ of value for only $37. Don’t miss out on this special offer 

40% Discount expires soon


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