Welcome to the official ProjectVanlife Website

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We’re excited to finally be able to launch the official ProjectVanlife community website! Our goal with this site is to provide as much value as we can to the community. This is a place where enthusiasts and nomads can:

  • Ask questions
  • Address their concerns
  • Access tutorials and extremely in-depth content
  • Engage and connect with the community in ways that were never before possible

Most importantly you will have a passionate and helpful community by your side through your entire journey.

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We plan on accomplishing our goals by giving you access to all the features and resources of this website 100% FREE (+ no ads). That includes our Blog, Stories, Forum, Marketplace, and News pages.

ProjectVanlife is for anyone that is: 

  • Just curious about this lifestyle and wanting to learn more about it
  • Currently living on the road (full-time or part-time)
  • Interested in living a life on the road
  • Passionate about this lifestyle

A social network 

You can think of ProjectVanlife as a social networking site of itself, just like Facebook or Instagram. We have a powerful team of admins who are working very hard to grow the community, provide you with all the resources necessary, and make this website a more user-friendly place.

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Let’s walk you though all the different features and pages of this website:


The home page is where we will be highlighting all the latest and most popular trending content of the site. It includes a pretty simple setup with an organized overview, which separates blogs, community submitted stories, and news.


At the time of writing this, there isn’t much content on our blog page. Although, we plan on making it a place where you can find extremely in depth and content rich resources to help you step by step throughout your journey. Our goal is to release 2 blogs every week.


Our story library will consist of stories that have been shared/submitted by real nomads that are actually living on the road (full-time or part-time). The best way to learn about anything is to experience it yourself or see how others have done it. That’s what motivated us to create this page for enthusiasts.

If you’re a nomad, you can easily share your story with thousands of nomads. We also allow you to include a link to your website and social platforms to help you can gain some personal traction as well.


So you’ve gone ahead and read stories and blogs, but are you still unsure about something? Well then, the forum is the place to go. We set it up to ensure the best user experience while making it feature rich.

Due to the large amount of features and size of the Forum, we hosted it on a sub-domain (forum.theprojectvanlife.com). Meaning, that when you visit the Forum, you will be presented with a different looking user-interface. This is normal, and is only so we can prevent our website speed load from slowing down due to the high volume of posts that will be on there.

Just talking about the features of the forum will take an entire 1000+ word page, so we will leave it out for you to discover. Here are some of the main features of the Forum:


Now that you have gone through our Blog, Stories, and Forum you should have been able to determine if a nomadic lifestyle is for you. If yes, you should now consider purchasing or renting a vehicle so you can finally make your dreams come true.

Within our marketplace we partner up with companies from around the world to provide you with vehicles for sale, vehicles for rent, and services (such as repairs, conversions, upgrades, etc.).

No matter where you are in the world, you will have easy access to a directory of businesses that can provide you the goods and services you are seeking to make your dream lifestyle a reality.


This is where we will be posting all site updates and community submitted news that’s concerning to the community.


You can support us by: 

The future of ProjectVanlife

We have some huge plans coming up in the future for ProjectVanlife, and we can’t make them possible without you.

As you can clearly see our goal with this site is NOT to take your hard earned money. Instead, it’s to provide you with a place to finally be able to easily connect with a passionate community. We will connect in ways that were never thought possible before, in ways that you’ve been dreaming and hoping of, and in ways that everyone in the community truly needs.

That’s our goal, and it won’t be possible without you!

– ProjectVanlife Team