About Us


Project Van Life started off on social media as a way for us to document road trip memories. Over time we started gaining attention as others found inspiration from the alternative lifestyle we were promoting.

As our success grew on social media, our scope expanded, and we decided to evolve as well. So we transitioned Project Van Life onto the community that provides unity, inspiration, tools and resources in hopes of simplifying the transition to van life and sustaining it.


Project Van Life is a nomadic community that encourages an alternative lifestyle derived from your passion to explore.

We do this by stimulating and expediting your wanderlust journey through the different resources we offer. 

our impact

The four pillars of Project Van Life


Through our content we strive to inspire, empower, and motivate while proposing new perspectives and possibilities.


We're on a mission to unify nomads from all around the world. To allow for ease in collaborations, meetups, and support from one another


We create unique tools & resources that solve problems faced by our community that assist van lifers in sustaining it and allow for smooth transition for enthusiasts.


We encourage responsible stewardship of our planet - “nature is our playground, lets not fill it with trash, nor destroy it”.


Project Van Life is the largest vanlife community in the world!


Community Members


Trees Planted


Network Followers


We believe in transparency!
Our mission is funded by your direct support. By engaging with our brand you help us to accomplish a far greater purpose. Our community trusts us to deliver on our promises to create a lasting impact.


Planting 1 MILLION Trees

We hope to fulfill our goal of being a sustainable brand by planting 1 Million Trees by 2023.

Community Resources

We have tons more unique ideas that will immensely benefit our community of nomads & enthusiasts. We hope to launch them all by 2022

Team Building

"Believers of your why start from within". That's why we began to employ vanlifers from all over the world to be apart of our team and help bring our ideas to life, while supporting their nomadic lifestyle on the road.

Get Involved

We can only fulfill these goals with your help. Find out how you can GET REWARDED by contributing towards enhancing and growing the van life community.