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Snowbum Minivan Vanlife

This is a story about a 22 year old hippie living in a minivan chasing the dreams of vandwelling, snowboarding, and living life to the fullest, all while completing a college degree on the road.

American/British couple went from Tinder to Living in a Van Full-time Together, all around...

An American girl and a British guy who met online and now live and travel together in a van. In 2018, lived and traveled in our first van throughout Europe's mountains and roads less traveled. In 2019, living in our second van for chapter 2 of our van life story throughout the USA and Canada.
Making Myths

From Managing a Brand to Making a Brand… in a van

I did it. I got the job at the company that I had wanted to work for since I was 12, got to ride my skateboard the 2 blocks to work everyday, got the office in an office-less office, was always on an airplane going somewhere exciting, got to answer frantic midnight calls from Europe, got to hear why everyone disliked their bosses, got to answer for… really, everything. I couldn't understand why my colleagues were so apt to put in minimal hours and give half-ass work when I found the whole act of exceeding expectations, to be the most rewarding of acts.

Fasting on the Road for Ramadan!

My name is Kaouther, and I was born in Tunisia North Africa, life took its unpredictable and eventful course, until I met Blaine, my wonderful life partner, and the rational van-dweller among us (Camper is the third!)

A Girl and her Little Blue Bus

Hello! My name is Lexis. I am a 20 year old girl with a passion to travel and explore new places. Upon graduating high school I knew I didn’t want to jump right into college. I was never into books, nor was I the type that wanted to sit and study in a class room. I didn’t even know what career I wanted to pursue.
Vanna White

The Vanna White Diary

When I was 21 and fresh out of college, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal form of brain cancer and was given 18 months (at the most) to live. I moved across the country to help take care of her, as she was the head of the household for herself and my dad. I had the blessing and the curse of being there with her until the bitter end, which came roughly 9 months later.