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It was never suppose to be this way. The vision. The dream. When we started mapping out our little notch in the life on the road movement – it was not suppose to be the way it is today. We had been foster parents for 11 years welcoming 34 babes in and out of our home. The hope was to give forever homes to all our heart children but the messy system around at risk families made it impossible. We adopted our daughter but after five years of a back and forth fight – we were facing a goodbye to our legal guardian son.

Burnt out. Broken and devastated. We sold everything and mapped out a bus life to step away from life and heal just us three survivors. We were desperate for a way out of the impending grief engulfing us.

The dreaded June court date came where we packed up all of our son’s belongings and cried goodbyes on our front porch. Miracles happen as two hours later I found myself walking down those marble steps with my hands full of both my heart babies. The court reversed it’s decision and gave us permission to move while remaining legal guardians. But as the shock wore off that our son was staying, the realization that we now had a 18 foot short school bus with an extra body to account for hit hard. Like semi truck hard. Because we not only the typical logistics of homeschooling a second child and sleeping arrangements in a tight space, but our son comes with a complicated rare auto immune disease and various other special needs. He had been through hell and back and scars do not always appear on the outside.

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Here we are. A clunky seven months later living on the road full time. We’ve been checked on by police, we have broken down on salty Utah flats, we have been broken into by a momma bear and her cub and we have seen so many wonders they challenge the stars.

It has been tough. It has been surreal. It has been our life. And at the end of the day I would choose not anther way.


Sami Syed

Published in March


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