Hair in a van!

My name is Ryan Rich and some know me as The Lonely Barber:) I’m a Los Angeles lifelong local. This pandemic changed a lot of stuff in my industry. As a barber, I rely on face-to-face appointments to make a living.

For a while, that was completely gone and I was looking to not only get back to my work but it happened to hit when I was in a transition period. I was looking to open a new shop. This would be my 4th and final transition and finally time to build a brand without a partnership. I’ve always been a passionate Road adventure enthusiasts and in recent times found myself looking for less adrenaline and a more romantic endeavor in the elements. I got into overland quickly as this fit my box well. I started toying with building a van (I have a built Toyota 4Runner as well) as a more comfortable escape to remote places near to my heart.

When the pandemic hit I want to design something that would fit both boxes and allow me to bring my work with me no matter where I was in the world and also allow me to enjoy these places and comfort. I teamed up with Duran over at Van Speed Shop in Costa Mesa CA and had him bring my vision to life with the addition of his immaculate aesthetic detail. Duran is young but a genius haha he is so skilled! At the end of the day with the vision complete I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome! I want to say thank you to project Vanlife for giving me an opportunity to speak my piece🖤 y’all are the best!

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Aya Mariano

Published in June


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