A Vanlifer’s Review: OFF by Indel B EL85 Fridge – A Compact Cooling Marvel!

There’s a real knack to living on the road. Anyone who’s embraced the vanlife will tell you that every square inch of space counts. Not to mention, every single appliance we haul with us must be tough, reliable, and efficient. Recently, I was able to put the OFF by Indel B EL85 fridge to the test. This medium-sized motorhome refrigerator, with its rational design and capacity for a significant amount of food, seemed like the perfect addition to my setup.

Space Utilization and Installation

Right off the bat, the EL85 surprised me with its impressive storage volume. At first glance, you’d think, “This fridge is too compact. Can it really hold all my supplies for a week?” But lo and behold, this 86-litre gem easily accommodated a week’s worth of groceries for my on-the-road adventures, including a mix of fresh produce, dairy products, beverages, and a nice chunk of freezer space for ice cream (because who doesn’t love a frosty treat after a long day of exploring?).

One of the key highlights of the EL85 is the Easy-Fix installation system. The process was straightforward and fuss-free, and it integrated perfectly into my camper van setup, respecting the interior design and aesthetic.

Performance and Efficiency

The OFF by Indel B EL85 fridge is not just a regular refrigerator. It’s a true compressor refrigerator offering high performance comparable to a household fridge. I was impressed by the low power consumption (0.386 kWh/24h) and the ability to run on either DC 12V or 24V, which is a significant advantage when off-grid.

The DANFOSS compressor is both powerful and quiet, a must-have quality when your kitchen also happens to be your bedroom. Plus, the vibration-resistant feature came in handy when traversing rough terrains or tackling those pesky potholes.

Design and Features

One look at the EL85, and you know it’s built for the modern vanlifer. Its sleek design complements the interior of my van, and the stainless-steel interior adds a touch of class, not to mention durability. The adjustable shelves allowed for custom configuration based on my storage needs, a flexible feature I absolutely appreciate.

The fridge also comes with an automatic internal light, a blessing during those late-night snack hunts. But what really won me over is the magnetic seal and automatic door latch, which ensure the cool air stays inside, conserving energy while maintaining the freshness of my supplies.

The EL85 sports a neat, contemporary handle that’s both functional and practical, and the inox internal details give it a modern, clean look. Moreover, the noise reduction feature, coupled with low power consumption, elevates this fridge from being a mere appliance to an essential vanlife companion.

Final Verdict

All in all, the OFF by Indel B EL85 fridge exceeded my expectations. Its size-to-capacity ratio is impressive, the performance is top-notch, and the design is well thought out for vanlifers. If you’re in the market for a reliable, efficient, and compact refrigerator for your camper van, I’d highly recommend giving the OFF by Indel B EL85 a shot. It’s genuinely a game-changer in maintaining a balance between the comfort of home and the call of the open road.

Sami Syed

Published in July


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