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What should I talk about in my story?

Most importantly: share your #vanlife story and how it's unique. Here are some specific topics you can discuss:

  • tell us about yourself
  • why you decided to live van life
  • how you transitioned from a normal life to van life
  • what vehicle you live in
  • why you chose this vehicle
  • how much you spent on the van and conversion
  • challenges you faced during the build
  • how you make money on the road
  • how much you spend and earn per month
  • advice you have
  • anything else you would like to discuss
  • etc...

Note: you are NOT obligated to include all this information. These are just some pointers for inspiration.

Where will my story be promoted? 

You Story may be promoted on some or all of the following mediums: 

  • @project.vanlife feed or stories
  • @vanlifecamper feed or stories
  • @vanlifedistrct feed or stories
  • @projectvanlife Pinterest profile (which currently gets 1.4 million monthly viewers)
  • website which gets over 50k monthly viewers

Do all stories get approved?

Our Approval Process is as follows: 

  1. Your submitted story goes through a review process.
  2. Your story will get reviewed, edited and formatted by our team.
  3. Your story is scheduled for posting on our website.
  4. Your story is shared across our social media.

Reasons why we may reject a submission:

  • Post schedule is full
  • Story doesn’t make sense
  • Too many grammar/spelling mistakes
  • Multiple submissions that are the same or similar
  • Submission appears to be only for the purpose of promotion and/or contains too much promotional content
  • Other reason – will be specified by our team

When we reject a story submission we notify the requester and give them the opportunity to resubmit.