Red nomad 5 years ago I made a choice to change how I was going to live my life.
I wanted to make a complete change. I wasn’t happy in any aspect of my life. The path that I was on was broken. The world that I lived in was incredibly scary, lonely and I had no idea how to make it out.

Then one day an incredible change occurred in my life. It took place at a moment's notice and it was unexpected and devastating. However, it was a path and as it turned out, ended up being one of the most incredible gifts ever given to me.
I could breathe again.
I didn’t know it at the time but red.nomad had been born.
My minimalistic and nomadic life took shape and began to grow in complexity. I loved it. All of it, everything about was amazing.
Five years later, I'm still living out on the road.

Totally free! My rules, my way! Where is red.nomad today? Well, just recently, I finished the build-out of my 2011 chevy hhr - aka the
It fully supports my nomadic lifestyle. Every weekend it takes me on a new adventure.
I love my lifestyle and it offers many positive aspects to my life. I never thought when I set out on this adventure that I would take to it as I have and what freedom it would provide.

My family and friends ask me all the time. Why do you do this? And isn’t hard? My answer to this question is as follows.

“look, there is a fine line between being homeless and choosing to live this lifestyle, I chose to live this way”

You can find me on…

Aya Mariano

Published in June


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