Tiny house on wheels

Hi there! We are Leon & Melanie from the Netherlands and we’re driving through Europe with our Tiny House on wheels and our two cats: Simba & Tijgertje. We just started our new life in 2022. Two years before we had a really bad incident with our scooter because we got hit by a group of bikers. We got injured and needed two years of recovery. Sadly we’ll never be the same again. But this accident does have a bright side because we realized that we wanted to get more out of our lives than we did at the moment. Enter your text here…

So we sold our house, quit our jobs, designed a Tiny House on wheels and this were built by a company in The Netherlands. And then we finally took off to the south of Europe. We’re really looking forward to the sun so this was a good decision. Every day is a challenge, especially with two cats on the road, but at the same time we’ve never felt so good and free. We are living our dreams!

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Aya Mariano

Published in January


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