Wildland Firefighter to Buslife Chef

My name is Andy, and I am a writer and cook with an insatiable love for exploration. I first developed a taste for this nomadic life working as a wildland firefighter, living out of a buggy with my crew, traveling the country all summer chasing wildfires. But, on the eve of my 30th birthday, I decided to leave that career and its 1000+ hours of overtime per season to pursue my other passions: cooking and writing.

Shortly thereafter I purchased a short bus with my partner Ayana and we spent 18 months building it into our perfect home and a tiny kitchen. We had no construction experience going into this, so every task was a new challenge requiring a new skill, but with enough youtube videos and cheap beer, you can accomplish just about anything. In October of 2020, after a 6-month covid delay, we hit the road.

Since starting full-time buslife we have met so many wonderful people and have seen some incredible places. We have taken to the road in a way that neither of us fully expected, and it is now difficult to imagine going back to a stationary life. So, maybe we won't.
We have also had time to pursue our passions more fully on the road. I wrote a cookbook with over 100 recipes for vanlifers, buslifers, and other tiny kitchen owners, which will be available next spring. Ayana has started training to be a natural dreamworker. We have also taken up silver smithing and will be launching our first line of jewelry soon.

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Aya Mariano

Published in June


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