How to find places to explore while traveling with your van

The lucky and adventurous ones among us that got used to living and traveling, traveling and living in our own house on wheels, we got it good. We spent the previous year exploring our own country or even slightly beyond, going where we never went before. Some of us discovered brand new places that were completely off the radar. But there is only as much as one can do exploring. It is year two of the pandemic now and the ideas for new places and good camping sights are close to depleting. We need more!

So we turn to our best friend – the internet! There are maps, articles by other travellers and campers, stories from before the pandemic and who knows what else. But have you ever come across this travel club that takes you to the places you’ve never even heard of before?

Hidden gem of the internet

NomadMania was initially launched in 2012 under a different name, to encourage travel, to assist travellers in keeping track of their travels and to provide ideas and inspiration of what to see through NomadMania’s Series.

The current name and brand was launched in mid-2017 and the platform itself has evolved into a somewhat exclusive, yet welcoming to all, online travel club that features some of the most travelled people alive, including its Anglo-Greek founder Harry Mitsidis.

This is now a unique online platform for tracking your travels, as well for exploring the most hidden corners of the world. It features literally THOUSANDS of travelling points of interests divided into over 50 categories in the aforementioned Series and splits the world in 1301 unique regions!

By becoming a NomadMania member, you get access to all of this for FREE. Once you become a member of this exclusive travel club, here is how to use the website to utilize it the most and to go where no one has ever been to. And to tick off items from the lists for fun while doing it, of course.

Choose your region to explore

What NomadMania “specializes” in most is an extensive division of territories. This results in 1301 (yes, you read it right – one thousand three hundreds and one) different regions which you can choose to explore.

Navigate to “my regions” page and find your megaregion (aka, the geographic part of the continent) you wish to explore. Now find your country, aaand look what you got. So many regions to choose from!

Go ahead, choose one, click on the name. This will navigate you to the regional page and this is where the magic happens!

Tick off visited and find more things to explore

Once you end up on your region’s page, you can see all that it offers. First, you can play on the map and see where the borders of your region are, but also what kind of items it includes, directly on the map.

When you finish playing with that, just scroll below to see the “series”. You will immediately see all of these categories such as World Heritage Sites, Villages and Small Towns, Roads, Road Bridges and Tunnels, World of Nature and over 50 more!

You can “check” off everything that you’ve seen so far and then see what’s left to see in the region that you might want to explore. You will often be surprised with the items you find here. And more often than not, you will be stunned once you go and actually visit the new ones.

Don’t forget, these lists were made by the people who have been to every country in the world, some of them more than once! They for sure need some more reason for excitement and want to make sure they don’t miss out on the exploring opportunities.

Find a whole new world of categories to explore

If you don’t like the idea of being confined to one region only, then you can go wild and go outside-in with your exploring. If you liked checking off items of a list, then why not go and search for more. Now you can discover “my series” – a list of over 50 categories of things to explore. Go wild and go deep!

You will see that there are some general categories such as “Geography”, “Transport” and similar ones. But the beauty lies within, as usual.

Try searching through the most epic roads and bridges in their Roads, Road Bridges and Tunnels series. You haven’t been to many of these? Good, now you have a reason more to drive!

If you yearn for some solitude and isolation in nature, you will then, for sure, like any of the Lakes, Trails 1 – Treks or World of Nature series. There is even more to find, but we will leave it to you to discover them on your own.

Exploring Many Quirky Places, you say?

To prove they are the best travelled among all well travelled people, NomadMania goes even further by opening a currently expanding new list called “Many Quirky Places” (M@P). This adds to the exploring as well as to the exclusivity, because for sure no ordinary traveller has set foot onto many of these places!

So there you have it – the hidden gem of the internet that provides you with an exquisite number of hidden gems to travel to and to head towards with your 4 wheeler home. Let us know how it went and what new places you ended up discovering!

Sami Syed

Published in May


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