We could not picture a life where one of us was sitting in front of a computer all day working. With this in mind we have created a nomadic lifestyle that works for our family. Since hitting the road at the beginning of 2016 we have experienced various living situations.

When we are not in our van and on the road over the winter, we enjoy Canadian summers in our travel trailer. This allows for opportunity to roam our beautiful backyard and connect with family and friends.

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Getting Started 

We began our money gathering phase about 4 months prior to hitting the road at the start of 2016. Because we work/save and then travel we were able to support this lifestyle from the start.


When we are back in Canada we have multiple streams of income including contract mechanic, wedding photography and building/tearing down mountaineering camps. We hope to diversify even more within the next couple of years.

We don’t have a monthly amount we make on the road over a 1 year period. Our situation is a bit different than most.

We make a lump sum in a short period of time that we budget over the months we are on the road. We end up living off of approximately $4000 per month for the 5 of us.


We often hear words like "you guys are so lucky"

We get it… This was us a few years ago. What changed? What we valued… What we as a family wanted to make a priority.

Where we decided to put our resources and energy.  At the end of 2015 we shifted our lives dramatically to allow for more freedom to explore and do the things that make us happy.

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We live very simply and choose to invest in travel and experiences for our family. We do not own a stick and brick home and our cars are older and paid for.

We believe we are all creative beings and that when we set our intentions on something it can come to pass. Brainstorm, problem solve, dream, pray…we truly believe if we want something bad enough we can make it happen.

Maybe a bit of a cliche but so very true. Put a plan in place, get out of debt, write out your dreams, make a dream board, envision yourself living a nomadic life!

Dig into to the World Wide Web..there are tons of ways to make money online. Check out Rat Race Rebellion! The guru of working remotely.

List your own personal assets and skill set. Find your strengths and figure out how to market them. Seriously just go for it!

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