Hi, we’re Aubry and Christian, two van lifers who are traveling the beautiful continent of North America!

How we’d continue to bring in income was a very important problem to solve, before we even started living the van life.

We didn’t want to be those travelers who had to skimp and save just for a few months of traveling. We wanted our lifestyle to be sustainable because we knew we’d want to live in a van for a long time.

Thankfully, when we first moved into the van, we were both working remote jobs (I had a full-time salaried remote job and Christian had a 6-month contract).

We have a video on how we were able to land these remote jobs here:

We felt comfortable moving into the van since we had these jobs and on the side, and started building what would soon become our full-time gig.

Fast-forward to just a couple of months ago when we both quit our jobs and jumped in full-time to growing our social media brand, Minimal Millennials. Getting to the point where we were making enough mullah to live on took a little over a year.

YouTube and Instagram was 100% our side-hustle up until just a few months ago (note: this was written in 2018). Keep in mind, living the van life requires very little income to live on.

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We are confident that we’ll bring in $1,500 USD every month from YouTube ad revenue, but with unexpected brand deals, we might bring in a little bit more. (We also like to diversify our income by picking up small jobs from friends, building websites for small businesses, and more.)

Monthly Expenses

If you want to check out what our monthly expenses are living in a van, check out this video:

Making money on the road can be tricky to navigate, but the good news is, with the internet, there are so many options for those looking to live a lifestyle of freedom.

We’ve found several ways to make income on the road and I’m confident you’ll be able to as well!

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