Scott and Kayley, along w their two dogs make a travel vlog series about touring America. The series revolves around their 40′ Bluebird All American school bus conversion they built themselves. Their popular conversion series is an honest depiction of what it takes to make this dream happen. Hint; a lot of friends and generosity.

How we afford Bus-Life

My boyfriend and I are full-time YouTube travel vloggers.

As a former reality T.V. producer and YouTube executive, Scott spent his entertainment career producing shows for other people.

When we decided to buy a school bus to convert into our tiny home on wheels, we discovered there was a growing skoolie niche on YouTube that we could potentially stand out in. Scott was eager to turn the camera on himself, and to create his very own content for the first time.

YouTube Career 

Our channel began with making “practice videos” about our daily life in Venice Beach, several months before we bought our bus.

In order to be successful on YouTube, we needed to be entertaining, different, and consistent. While we set out to be the most informative, comprehensive bus-conversion series on YouTube, we ended up winning over our audience with our humor and endless mistakes made on camera.

It wasn’t until six months later when we were crying on camera with a crowbar in hand that we started getting thousands of views on our videos.  Our bus-conversion series built our YouTube audience, and continues to bring our current travel vlogs new viewers every day.


We make just enough money to stay on the road, averaging between $1,800 and $2,200 from YouTube. We also generate $1,000 – $2,000 a month from Patreon, merchandise sales, and sponsored partnerships.


Some days are spent exploring hidden waterfalls and towns, while others days are dedicated to doing chores around the bus. Either way, our cameras are always rolling, enabling us to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Filming isn’t a hassle, but editing is tedious and stressful. Every video takes at least six hours to create. Scott is never in bed by midnight on an evening before a posting day, but he always wakes up to views on our newest video, and out our bedroom window.

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