4) Step by Step Process of Setting Up Van Life Insurance

When it comes to getting insurance quotes, there is nothing worse than spending your day hanging on the telephone line, getting shunted around through various menus and listening to dreadful hold music.

Try waiting on hold for 45 minutes just to find out the company doesn’t insure full timers or filling out countless forms just to be told your premium is twice your yearly salary! No wonder so many of us accept the first insurance quote we’re given or just renew our existing policies to avoid the admin! 

Roamly doesn’t operate like that.

With their simple online form, you can get a quote in just 60 seconds.

Yes, you could be ONE MINUTE away from receiving the van life insurance you require at a price you can afford. You can also save up to 25% on a van life policy from Roamly compared to other insurance agents! Roamly has agents standing by to help with any questions about coverage, and in the event that additional underwriting approval is required.  

The Secret to Getting the Best Insurance Quote

There are a couple of things you as a van owner can do to ensure you get the best insurance quote around.

These are the secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know!

Size Matters

The size of your engine is what determines the price of your policy. As a rule, the bigger the van the bigger the engine. Before you buy your van, determine if you require so much space or if a smaller rig could suffice. Besides, smaller vans can navigate into the best parking spots and take advantage of ordinary parking spots and the associated charges. They are cheaper to run and easier to maneuver as well as more affordable to insure.

Figurative Fort Knox

A couple of improvements to your security systems can make a huge difference when getting insurance quotes. Some insurance companies reward tighter defenses and obvious deterrents with cheaper policies. Think steering wheel locks, alarms, immobilizers…. anything to deter or delay a thief trying to interfere with your rig. Physical barriers might not prevent a total loss, but they can deter and delay. Make your van a figurative Fort Knox and a thief won’t waste their own time!

Back to Basics 

Look for insurance companies that actually understand van life. Roamly was created by vanners just like you to provide insurance coverage for whatever van life has in store. Their policies are affordable precisely because they eliminate the unnecessary parts and cover only the essentials. Back to basics or No-Frills style policies are tailored to suit you and you rig and they are a great way to reduce your annual premiums!

The Power of One Payment

Speaking of premiums, most insurance policies offer discounts for upfront payment. A one-off annual payment can result in a significantly reduced premium overall as the company saves money on drawing up monthly policies, not to mention creating invoices and fees for collections. If you are in a position to pay your policy off in one go it is highly worth your while. Roamly offers affordable one-off annual payments!  

Suitable Storage

Your van is insured when it's not on the road too, so having a secure lock up to store it in is essential. Not only does it provide ease of mind that your rig is safe and sound, it drives down your premium too. Find suitable storage, modify your garden, add a locked gate and cameras for the biggest savings!

More Milage, More Money

For a significant saving on your van insurance policy, limit the amount of mileage in your estimates when looking for a quote. The less time spent on the road, the cheaper the insurance will be. Of course, always be honest and forthright in your dealings with insurance agents, brokers and companies. Otherwise, you may invalidate your insurance, a fact you may only learn when you need it most! 

Don’t Double Up on Drivers 

Doubling up with two named drivers can add to your costs. Not only does this arrangement mean more administration work for the insurance agent but underwriters are forced to consider two risks in one. For the most accessible insurance policy, one driver is optimal. If you do like to add a family member or friend to the policy, opt for older more experienced drivers who may even bring your quote down! 

Shop Around

Shopping around is the money saving mantra, as coverage can vary wildly from agent to agent. But why waste time on companies that don’t understand the intricacies of van life or the convoluted requirements of a van owner? Insurance companies don’t underwrite what they don’t understand, and if you’re lucky enough to get a quote, it will most likely be astronomical. 

With all this in mind, truly the best tip of all to ensure you receive the best insurance quote for your situation remains this: Shop around!


If you do enough investigating, you’ll see suggestions online of other ways to lower your premiums. Asking for more quotes may mean you’ll be offered a better range of prices. Having a list of quotes ready much earlier than you need to may also bring reductions.

There are also a number of courses you can take to improve your driving skills and roadside knowledge and they may help lower your costs; ditto any software you’re offered to track your driving habits. Any modifications to your rig may increase your premium. Especially performance related ones as you and your vehicle slide into a higher risk category for the underwriters. Avoid these mods and save big!

Getting Van Life Insurance from Roamly (Step-By-Step Guide)

Getting a van life insurance quote from Roamly couldn’t be easier, thanks to the online form. In just a few clicks, you’ll receive a competitive quote tailored to suit your needs.

When you decide to choose Roamly for your policy, what sort of questions will Roamly ask to determine your premium? What should you expect?

Roamly was set up by vanners like you to insure vanners like you. Their policies are tailored to fit into your van lifestyle simply and seamlessly. You might wonder why you didn't find Roamly sooner! 

Here's what the process of getting a quote from Roamly will look like: 

1) Vehicle Details

You’ll be asked the location of your vehicle; the license plate details and where it is stored. The make of van, the model number, the year, and VIN number. If the van will be used for business or not, your intentions (commuting, primary residence etc) and any hobbies which increase the risk involved. You will also be asked the actual cash value of the vehicle for underwriting reasons.

2) Your Details

Your prime identifiers such as name, address, occupation, marital status, and some basic questions about your lifestyle. Your insurance past is another question, such as any previously cancelled policies.


Did you know that Roamly have a range of discounts you don’t even have to ask for? If you or a spouse are in the military, own your own home or if you are more than 7 days out from your policy renewal date you stand to see some serious discounts on your premium. There is even a discount if you already insure another vehicle through Roamly, call it an existing customer bonus! Roamly also offer discounts for individuals who are part of certain specific RV and Campground associated memberships, like KOA, Harvest Hosts and Escapees among several others.

3) Select Your Plan

Whether you choose standard, extra, or premium coverage, your Roamly insurance will cover you up. Choose between:

  • Liability coverage of up to $50k Bodily Injury
  • $100k Property Damage
  • $2,500 deductible
  • Liabilty coverage up to $250k Bodily Injury
  • $500k Property Damage
  • super low deductible of just $500!

The standard plan offers the lowest monthly cost and it goes up from there. As mentioned earlier each of these 3 plans will include all coverages a vanlifer would need. Now you have to decide how much coverage you want. 

We can't tell you the exact prices for each of these plans because they will vary for each person depending on their situation. That's why it's best to GET A QUOTE of your own. The process is quick and easy. 

4) Policy Customization

Here comes the best part: full customization of your van life insurance policy to fit your lifestyle.

Use Roamlys Customization Station to add or subtract coverage elements and insurance limits. Tailor your plan with:

custom collision coverage

UN/UM Motorists

Comprehensive coverage

Vacation Liability

replacement of personal effects

medical costs

and even pest protection should rats or mice chew through your wires! You really can have it your way!

5) Payment Plan

Select how you’d prefer to pay for your insurance. Remember, customers are rewarded for one off payments, in some cases up to 4% off!

Next, fill in your bank or card details and the secure SSL payment system powered by Stripe will debit your account

Finally, you will receive an email containing your policy documents and the details of your coverage.

Congratulations, you’re now insured with Roamly!

How easy was that!