What is van life insurance?

In the simplest terms possible, van life insurance is a policy designed to cover the van lifer under a specific set of circumstances against damage to property, total loss, or bodily injury. Van life insurance works just like any other specific insurance policy like house insurance, except it is considered that your van is moving and may be subjected to additional risks that a stationary house is not!

Why do I need van life insurance?

Why do we need any insurance policy?

Because in most states it’s required by law to cover a certain amount of your liability. More importantly, your rig is an asset, it cost money to buy and costs money to run. It has a certain value attached to it. In the event of an accident, your van life insurance will ensure you are indemnified, that is, compensated to the worth of the loss.

Aside from a small deductible, having adequate van life insurance means you wont struggle to replace your van or rectify any damage as the funds will be supplied.

To summarize you need van life insurance to protect yourself in tragic events like these:

What is Class A, Class B, and Class C?

When researching van life insurance you'll often see companies categorize RVs/ vans in 3 categories: Class A, Class B, Class C.

Class A RVs, 

also known as motorhomes, are large living quarters built on a bus or truck chassis. These huge behemoths can often sleep 6 (or even 8!) and can weigh up to 30,000lbs. Class As are desirable for their amenities, fully fitted kitchens with top rated appliances, spacious bathroom, or wet room areas and plenty of living space.

These machines are comfortable for large families. Add to this the ability to tow a trailer or even another vehicle with a Class A motorhome and you can see why they are so popular!

The downside of the Class A is the low mpg, and the size may be an impediment in some parking situations and also the cost. Some states require a commercial truck license to drive them!

Class B RVs

Class Bs are built on a van chassis, and are smaller, more compact, and more driveable. Fitting usually into one parking space, these campervans are also kitted out with everything the van lifer needs but in a smaller area.

Most stealth vans are Class B too, due to their size and ability to blend in as an ordinary van, especially in built up and metropolitan areas. They also get much better milage than a Class A.

The downside of a Class B van? Limited living space is the only one we can find. Class B make the best conversion vans, are easily sourced and can be very affordable.

Class C

is also a category of motorhome. Smaller than a Class A and bigger than a Class B, Class Cs are those cute little motorhome vans, like mini-Winnebago’s (or mini-Winnies) and are very modest and tidy looking. Basically, Class C vans are smaller versions of Class As, still full of facilities just contained in a smaller space.

Where can I get quotes for van life insurance?

You can shop around for van life insurance at all the usual agencies and brokerages, but most won’t cater to the intricacies of van life.

Your quotes might be astronomical. Underwriters can’t insure what they don’t understand, and you might find your needs simply are tacked on to a pre-existing policy form. For example, you might end up with a standard vehicle policy and a couple of extra amendments and coverages listed individually. We advise against adding your van onto an existing policy, you may pay over the odds without getting more comprehensive quotes!  

Can I get fulltime RV insurance?

If your van is your primary residence for more than 6 months of the year, you are eligible for full time RV insurance. Some companies though simply refuse to issue a quote for van life. Ask around to find the best deal!

What about my self build campervan conversion, how insurable is that? 

Your self build conversion is insured in the very same manner as a factory build van.

Be sure to keep your receipts for items used in the conversion, invoices for work carried out and labours costs, and take photographs of the appliances and fittings. You will need these to prove the overall worth of the van and determine the insurance limits required. 

What exactly is Van Owner Rental Insurance, and why do I need that too?

Van life insurance is a must for those who travel by campervan.

But if you are considering renting your van for extra income, you will require a specific rental insurance policy.

Roamly issues Van Owner Rental Insurance to owners just like you, and in conjunction with the unique van rental platform Outdoorsy, they cover all aspects of campervan rental. These personalized policies mean you are fully insured from the moment your renter drives your van away to the very moment they return. Fully customizable and tailored to suit your individual situation, Roamly insures more than your van life adventure, it can also ensure your renters have the time of their lives and return for more!

Is it possible to get all the required insurance coverage in just one policy? How?

The answer to your van life insurance needs is easy, affordable, and just 60 seconds away!

Simply get a quote from Roamly: complete the online form, select your coverage, and be prepared for savings of up to 25% compared to our competition. With Roamly, you’re free to live your best van life AND rent your rig when its not in use. What’s not to love!