2) Why The Right Van Life Insurance Is Crucial!

We have all seen the photographs on social media. 

A sleek silver cargo van, its bonnet crumpled against a brick wall. 

A funky high top Ecoline being winched onto a recovery truck.

A bright yellow VW Westfalia smashed to pieces on impact. Glass strewn across the highway. Someone’s pride and joy destroyed in an instant.

photo credits @daysgained

Images like these are frightening to us vanners who live and travel in our little homes on wheels. Thoughts of such destruction occurring to you can be devastating. How can a van lifer recover from such a loss of not only his vehicle but also his home and even potentially his livelihood? 

If a total write-off scares you senseless, you’re not alone. Your van is more than just a vehicle, it’s your home.

Without it, you may struggle to find affordable accommodation, no matter how temporary. Even a small accident requiring time in a garage presents a unique problem: where are you going to stay while the work is carried out? 

Temporarily Houseless

When you live nomadically and an accident happens, there might not be any family nearby to help you out. Couch surfing with friends might not be an option when you’re a stranger travelling through a strange land. Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario actually happening to them, but a failure to plan is a plan to fail. 

Photo by @susicruzz

What is your plan B?

This is exactly why taking out the correct van life insurance policy to suit your needs is crucial. Comprehensive coverage kicks in to protect you in cases of vandalism or even damage caused by hailstones, and collision coverage will ensure your vehicle is insured if you hit or get hit by another vehicle or object. But when you reside in your vehicle, and have your entire life inside there too, that assurance simply might not be enough. 

Roamly’s Got You Covered

Roamly personal van life insurance provides temporary accommodation for van lifers in these unfortunate circumstances. In addition to personal property coverage, including damage caused by pesky pets, Roamly covers guests to your campervan, emergency expenses, and even personal liability should you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle in the course of your day.

The right policy can be the difference between having a roof over your head in the event of a devastating accident and not. Temporary accommodation is one less thing to worry about.

Peace of mind is not hard to find with Roamly! 

Dos and Don’ts of Personal Van Insurance

DON’T: lie to an insurance company about your situation

Even if the policy is cheaper for recreational vanners or to cover a factory converted van. Be upfront and truthful, it will pay off in the event of a pay out and avoid you trouble down the road!

DO: keep receipts for any modifications and equipment you carry

From sports equipment to facilities like cookers, generators, fans and heaters, receipts can help you claim the correct worth in the event of a total loss.

DON’T: choose an insurance company without doing your research

Don’t add your van and contents to any existing insurance policies without investigating whether the company accepts full time vanlifers and researching whether or not they are offering suitable coverage for you.

DO: Use an insurance intermediary

Explain the specifics, and get a full-time van life quote that applies to you specifically.

DON’T: Don’t go with the first quote you receive.

Some policies are better than others! Roamly’s personal RV insurance includes a diminishing deductible. This means for every year you DON’T make a claim your deductible is reduced which means more money in your pocket!


There are over 6 million vehicle accidents in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of chances to be involved in what could be an insurance nightmare!

Van life insurance indemnifies you to get back on the road quickly and seamlessly. Living in a van has enough challenges, why add insurance to the list?

Roamly’s personal van insurance plan will be there for you at the times you need the help most. Hit the road safe knowing you’re covered for whatever van life throws at you!